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Cctoggles для ios 8 - маншан карта

Nov 4, 2014 Ryan Petrich has just updated FlipControlCenter for iOS 8. FlipControlCenter, a popular jailbreak tweak, adds more settings toggles and. Nov 3, 2014 CCSettings for iOS 8 is available as a free download, but it exists as a separate Waiting for CCtoggles, until there lets use CCSettings. Personally, I have used CCToggles on iOS 7, but I didn't use the toggles a lot. CCSettings is the only fully supported tweak in iOS 8, so that may.

Supports iOS 7, also iPad. You can customizing Here is the template of CCToggles. And CCToggles supports Flipswitch. Updated, August 8, 2014. License. Nov 3, 2014 The new toggles that CCSettings provides for iOS 8 Control Center range from Cellular Data, Do you prefer this tweak over CCToggles. Today is no exception as several good iOS 7 compatible Cydia tweaks have become available on Cydia, which includes ControlTask, GlowDock, CCToggles

Ios cctoggles для 8

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