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Музыку bronycon winning cover illustration timelapse и фильмы фантастику онлайн в хорошем качестве 2015 года

Музыку bronycon winning cover illustration timelapse

Time Lapse video showing the process of creating a cover illustration for Xabiroi Comic Book Magazine. Stay tuned for art posts and tutorials by visiting. Nov 24, 2011 In this 11-minute timelapse video, freelance designer Dei Gaztelumendi illustrates a cover for comic book magazine This kid, he says, is the toughest yet, and fittingly so — the illustration was also made as a gift to a friend. Nov 26, 2011 Post-Apocalyptic Cover Illustration Timelapse piece of artwork created by Dei Gaztelumendi for the cover of Xabiroi Comic Book Magazine.

Winning timelapse музыку cover bronycon illustration

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