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Старые карты dm для quake2 - цивилизация 3 эволюция с торрента

Старые карты dm для quake2

We've got two new Quake 2 maps up here on Planet Quake, both by macanah. First off is fletter DM, second is mnhdmgod. You can download and rate them. Описание проекта Berserker, конверсии Quake2 Berserker project, Quake Нижеследующие паки поместить в папку BaseQ2 с заменой старых файлов. Awaiting Resurrection is a deathmatch map for 2 - 4 players. It's a very vertical map with one central atrium and the typical Quake II architecture and atmosphere. Development still continues on OSP Tourney DM, but at slower pace. for flexible configuration of more aspects of the game, similar to Lithium2 for Quake2.

Jul 29, 2016 Chaos Deathmatch takes the tried-and-tested Quake II deathmatch God, I think I might have first played Chaos DM through Microsoft's The speed, maneuverability, and tightness of the Chaos maps on Q2 were perfect.

Старые карты dm для quake2
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