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Тамагочи drago pet на андроид - мод машин на гта санандрес приора

Aug 1, 2011 Android Apps Review looks at Drago Pet a Tamagotchi style app where you hatch and raise your very own dragon. If you love to take care of a dragon, you'd better install Drago Pet application. . Before Android famous, Tamagotchi device is so well known as virtual Jun 28, 2012 If you want to raise these mythical fire-breathing creatures, install the app Drago Pet on your Android device. Just like in most other virtual pet. Jan 13, 2014 Dragon Pet app download, get apk for Android. Play simple modern 3d Tamagotchi game and watch your dragon.

On the snowy peaks of an ancient mountain you have found a magic dragon egg. All you have to do is to keep it at proper temperature, an it might hatch Of your pet. Raise a dragon and become creator of your own saga. Create your own story and become best Dragon Pet Trainer in all realms. Android.

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